LAHORE - In an angry note the Lahore High Court on Friday warned MPAs and MNAs, facing disqualification on allegations of bogus degree and rigging in elections, not to waste time of the court with delaying tactics otherwise their memberships of assemblies will be suspended till decision of cases. The MNAs and MPAs including Humayun Akhtar, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Talab Hussain Nakai, Malik Iqbal Langaryal, Sardar Bahadar Jawad Kamran, Mudasssar Qayyum Nahra and several others are facing disqualification on allegations of bogus BA degree or rigging in elections. The lawyers of the respondents have been seeking adjournments on one pretext or the other. It annoyed the court and thus came the warning. Some MNAs did not appear before the court despite several notices. Taking action of these tactics the court on Friday fined Rs 5,000 to the counsel of Humayun Akhtar for not presenting witnesses before the local commission appointed by the court and warned the rests of the respondent MNAs and MPAs not to waste time of the court. One LHC Election Tribunal imposed Rs15000 fine on Minister for State Tariq Anis and Rs15000 fine on petitioner in the case Daniyal Aziz for not recording statements of witnesses before the local commission in the case. On the other hand Rs50,000 fine was imposed on Aslam Bodla for the same reasons. Meanwhile, the LHC election tribunal sought polling record of NA-69 in a petition challenging the eligibility of PML-Q MNA Sumeria Malik on allegation of massive rigging in NA-69. While in the eligibility case against Minister for Prisons Punjab Ch Abdul Gaffoor the court appointed Justice (r) Bashir A Mujahid local commission which will submit its report to the LHC tribunal for the cases final decision.