LAHORE - The City wildlife parks are presenting a pathetic look as they lack basic facilities despite the collection of considerable revenue from the visitors through entry fees, sources informed The Nation. Punjab wildlife and parks department is unable to take necessary measures to renovate different projects like Jallo Park Museum and erection of enclosures of birds and animals around the train running in Changa Manga Park. Lahore Zoo, which is also an autonomous body, has been found unable to save inmates from the sweltering weather by installing any mist system in the zoo despite having sufficient revenue from the ticket system. Resultantly, both visitors and animals are suffering owing to the poor performances of the authorities concerned. Well-informed sources of the Punjab wildlife and parks department revealed no efforts to improve the pathetic conditions of the wildlife parks in Punjab were being made by the head office as Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department Director Abdul Qadeer Mehal also seemed not serious about his responsibilities. They said the director himself had been facing the corruption charges and inquiry order NO (E-IV) WL/3-1/2000 was the alleged proof of his corruption and intentional mismanagement. The inquiry order against Abdul Qadeer elaborated that 'during execution of development scheme: improvement/rehabilitation of facilities at Jallo Breeding Centre, Changa Manga Recreational Park, Woodland Wildlife Park and Wildlife Park, DG Khan, an amount of Rs 300 million was placed at his disposal for procurement of animals/birds during the financial year 2003-2004 after completing all procedural, codal and financial formalities. The inquiry further said, during evaluation of the project, gross financial irregularities/embezzlement of public funds, misuse of powers etc were observed and the detailed charge sheet against the embezzlement of public funds was also attached with the inquiry orders. On the orders of former Punjab chief minister dated December 5, 2007, Abdul Qadeer Mehal was exonerated from charges. Under the recommendation of the hearing officer appointed by the CM, the inquiry report said charges of corruption practices and embezzlement on the accused in accordance with the inquiry report might be awarded minor penalty instead of removal from service and a penalty of Rs 845, 363. Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Asghar Gillani was appointed hearing officer, who in his findings added that the accused might be awarded minor penalty of withholding his promotion for a period of four years. The sources said most of the wildlife officers were not ready to accelerate the development work in the parks just keeping in view the above-said case of minor penalty in case of ignorance of duties or embezz-lements in different projects of the wildlife and parks department. Director General Wildlife Dr Nasrullah Khan commenting on the story said he would himself look into the matter of missing facilities at the parks, adding traditional pace of work in wildlife parks was continued. Being new DG he did not know about the past matters of the department, he further said.