RAWALPINDI - A married woman was sold out by her tenant to some Pashtun nationals while police on complaint of the victims husband registered a case, it was informed on Friday. As per details, one Muhammad Shaukat appeared before police at RA Bazaar police station and complained that he handed over the half portion of his house to a woman Qamar Sultan on rent, who later developed good relations with his wife Nasreen Bibi. Both used to go to bazaar for shopping many times, the applicant said adding that on the day of the incident, his wife Nasreen went to a tailor shop with Qamar Bibi but did not return home, he maintained. On inquiring about the whereabouts of my wife, Qamar Sultana remained tight lipped, but a few days later I received a phone call from my wife that Qamar Sultana had sold her to some Pashtun nationals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. On this RA Bazaar Police Station officials registered a case against the accused and started investigation regarding the case and to recover the solde wife of the person.