'FOR the past six months we have been passing orders for the implementation of the apex court order and still we are waiting for the government to implement the NRO verdict. These comments of one of the judges of the Supreme Court, while hearing the petition challenging provisions of the 18th amendment bill and the NRO, shows very well not only the height of the governments defiance of the judiciary but also the fact that the patience of judges is now wearing thin. The Supreme Court minced no words stating that though it was mandatory for the government to carry out the courts verdict speedily under Article 190 of the Constitution, it was just intent on making a mockery of the rule of law and judiciary. The apex court also expressed its dissatisfaction over the haste with which the 18th amendment bill sailed through the parliament, without giving the draft a detailed look to ensure that it was not in any way undermining the independence of the judiciary. Since the provision for the formation of the judicial commission to select new judges seriously undermines judicial freedom, as it tends to make room for political intervention, the courts criticism reflects poorly on the state of our leadership and foresight of the parliamentarians. Meanwhile, those in the government, possessing even an iota of sense, must be mindful of the fact that the governments refusal to respect the courts verdict would set in motion a train of events that would revert the nation once more to a political deadlock. It is, therefore, quite alarming to note that anti-democratic forces are already hinting at the replay of the Kakar option as a way out of the ongoing confrontation. While such voices must be snubbed, the zeal with which the government is defying the courts authority can become a harbinger of doom. Prime Minister Gilani is not coming around to understanding the role he should be playing in this critical hour. The Supreme Court has thus rightly pointed a finger at him for being just an idle spectator of the sorry state of affairs. Indeed, his recent act of overriding the courts choice of Tariq Khosa as chief prosecutor of the Bank of Punjab scam would further tend to reinforce the apex courts distrust of his intentions. Equally sad and disturbing is Mian Nawaz Sharifs statement that the PML-N would only come to the defence of the 18th amendment rather than the NRO. It simply runs counter to the Sharif brothers oft-repeated stance not to jeopardise the independence of the judiciary that would inevitably stand compromised once there is political input.