ISLAMABAD Additional IG Finance Punjab, Aftab Sultan, has been named to assist the investigation into Bank of Punjab (BoP) loan scam and the Chairman NAB has formally sent summary to the Establishment Division for issuance of notification on this count. The committee constituted by Supreme Court of Pakistan under the head of Chairman NAB Navid Ahsan gave approval to the name of Aftab Sultan for the job. The other members of the committee included Deputy Prosecutor General NAB and Secretary Narcotics Division Tariq Khosa. The NAB spokesman informed TheNation that Aftab Sultan presently were working as Additional IG Finance Punjab and his services had been sought from Establishment Division in connection with investigation into BoP loan scam. Earlier, name of Tariq Khosa was sent to the Establishment Division but it refused to provide his services on the plea that he was already working on an important post. Then a summary containing three names was proposed and now the name of Aftab Sultan was finalised. The Establishment Division would likely issue the notification in this regard on Monday.