About a week back I was travelling in my car on The Mall when I was stopped at the check post close to the railway bridge near the Fortress Stadium. I was told to remove the small perforated black shield which I had fixed on a window of the car to protect myself from sun. I was told that such protective sun-shades are not allowed. Obeying the law, I promptly removed the sun-shades. However on June 10, I saw a big white SUV with all its windows, except the wind screen, totally covered by black sheets. Nothing inside was visible. A police van was dutifully following it with fully-equipped commandos riding it. I followed this vehicle from Canal Bridge on the Mall to DHA, crossing various traffic lights. Nowhere did any police sergeant dare stop this vehicle. Every time the SUV stopped at a red light, the commandos jumped out and stood vigilantly in front of the VVIP riding the SUV. I think the rules in this Land of the Pious are only for the commoners and not for their rulers, even if they are elected by our votes. Rules are also not applicable to relatives of politicians. Last week, I read in the newspaper that a police officer was slapped in the face and then kicked too because he had dared check an MNA violating the traffic rules. In a civilized country, that MNA would have been behind bars but in the Land of the Pious, the police officer would probably go behind bars.-DR NEMAT ARA. Lahore, June 11.