KARACHI - Ambassador of Tunisia in Pakistan Mourad Bourehla, Ambassador of Sudan Mohammad Omer Musa and Commercial Attachi of Kenya Ms. Sammuel K. Chemisto met TDAP CE Syed Mohibullah Shah and discussed issues related to enhancement of bilateral trade and economic relations here at TDAP office. In the meeting, the CE TDAP welcomed the ambassadors to TDAP and invited them to help identify the areas and initiatives, which could be focused upon and progressed to achieve the objective. The Ambassador of Tunisia stated that the trade between the countries at present was below their potential and did not reflect the cordial political relations between the countries. The Ambassador of Sudan identified some product sectors like textile, agro food, surgical instruments, mining etc. where there was potential for collaboration to the mutual benefit of the countries. In this regard, he also suggested for opening of branches of Pakistani banks in Sudan and signing of an MoU between TDAP and its counterpart in Sudan in order to progress the interaction. Summarising the discussion, the CE TDAP informed the ambassadors that TDAP had already prepared Africa Plan, which has prioritised markets in Africa for rapid development of our exports to these countries. TDAP was organising 10 exhibitions in Africa during the current fiscal year which shows Pakistans increasing interest in African markets. The CE, TDAP further stated that Business Forums between Pakistan and these three countries will be organised by TDAP to increase awareness of business opportunities in these countries and prepare an action plan on these opportunities. Besides, the CE also invited the ambassadors to suggest one more exhibition in their countries for Pakistans participation, which will be included in the TDAPs annual calendar for exhibitions for the year 2010-11. He suggested for signing of PTAs / FTAs between Pakistan and these countries with a view to rapidly bring down the tariffs among the countries in some select product sectors.