Mian Nawaz Sharif ought to have thought twice before saying that if the Quiad-i-Azam had foreseen the present plight of Pakistan, he would not have founded it. Is there any doubt in anybodys mind that it is political as well as military leaders who are to blame for our prevailing woes? These remarks are uncalled-for; they betray ignorance of history that pointed to a separate homeland as the only way to the salvation of the Muslims of the Subcontinent from the vicious servitude of the majority Hindus. The thing that Mian Nawaz perhaps did not consider was that a visionary and leader of the stature of Quaid-i-Azam would definitely have the understanding that an independent Pakistan existing in the midst of a chaotic neighbourhood, particularly archrival India, would have to be constantly on its guard. At the same time, with these factors he would have wished that able and conscientious leadership would lead the nation to success, prosperity and glory and had never ever wanted looters, thugs and thieves to rule the country. The Quaid-i-Azam would have no doubt that the people of Pakistan would have the realization that their country has been created after a long and unremitting struggle and that they should gird up their loins, and selflessly stand up to manoeuvre its journey into the future. What is shameful is that the leadership and people at the helm after him did not live up to his expectations and started squabbling and haggling over pocketing the wealth and resources of the state. The reality is that, the great leader gave us a country but not only we played havoc with it in every conceivable way but gradually forgot the importance of independence and sold our sovereignty to foreign powers merely for aid largesse. Also Mian Nawaz warned that no one should try to become a holy cow and with that stated that there is no wrong in bringing the budget of the ISI and the Army into the parliament for discussion. This is surely not the right time to adopt a posture towards the Army that could possibly give the impression to the enemy of divisions within the country. On the other hand, we must take notice of how India continues to arm itself to the teeth amid overt displays of attacking us with all its might. Currently, it is preparing for the biggest ever war games along the border with Sindh in coming winter season. Add to the Indian factor the facts of terrorism, US hostility and Afghan unsure attitude, and the scenario calls for unity, with no attempt to run down the armed forces. Only this prescription will help us in this hour of danger.