PPP is known for its liberal and pro-women polices. But present stock of second tier party leadership, it looks has buried the party vision of its founding father and his illustrious daughter who left not stone unturned for the emancipation of women during her terms in office. Some of the PPP affiliated leaders have became notorious for opposing women friendly legislation in the houses of parliament and their utterance of burying women alive as the part of indigenous culture have been repeated and quoted umpteenth times. The feudal lords occupying important positions in PPP lead Sindh government are quite competent in protecting the status qou of subjugating women. They victimise those leaders who raise their voice regarding women issues. Such a brave man, Veerji Kohli, himself belonging to a minority community is being continually victimised by local powerful feudal lords of Sindh. He took a strong stance against the biased attitude of the police in a rape case of Kastoori Kohli, involving the local feudal lord last year. A high level inquiry affirmed biased police involvement and four police officers got terminated. In this matter, according to Veerji powerful feudals reacted by, kidnapping him for four days but with the help and support of some politicians, senior police officials, civil society, media and human rights activists, Veerji was eventually released. The culprits of the Kastoori rape case along with the powerful feudal lords of Nagarparkar have not buried the hatchet. On the night of February 2nd, 2011 the culprits opened indiscriminate fire on Veerjis car; fortunately he escaped the firing unhurt. Now according to Dr Fozai Saeed, a renowned women rights activist, Veerji Kohli has been implicated in a murder case that took place in Nagarparker whereas he was in Hyderabad attending a civil society meeting. In a press release Veerji alleges that on May 20, a group of land grabbers, on the instigation of powerful landlords, attacked the village Vishnoo Kolhi, in Nagar Parker and opened fire seriously injuring four persons. After heavy firing the villagers came out to defend the women and children and captured a few attackers, confiscated their guns which they later handed over to the police. Instead of appreciating the bravery of the empty handed village men and women and registering the case against attackers, the police filed a murder case against the villagers. Colleagues of Veerji allege that this time one minister in Sindh Cabinet is supporting the oppressors of the Veerji and his minority community. This is again is a sad commentary and the top leadership must enquire into the matter and do justice to the much oppressed minorities and their brave leaders like Veerji. GULSHER PANHWER, Johi, June 11.