LAHORE -  District and Sessions Judge Nazir Ahmad Gajjana adjourned till June 24th, the hearing of fake degree cases against ex-MPAs Rana Asif and Seemal Kamran here on Tuesday.

The learned judge adjourned the cases owing to the strike in the courts while another case of the same nature against former MP Begum Shahnaz was adjourned till Wednesday (today) for further arguments.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) regional office had filed suits against the aforesaid MPAs submitting that they had violated the People Representation Act, 1976 as they were holding fake degrees.

The petitioner told the court that they had claimed their graduation, as it was mandatory in the elections of 2008, from various institutions but Higher Education Commission declared them bogus and fake and no relevant record was found.

Hence, the petitioner said they did not qualify to contest elections and they proved themselves as corrupt.

The petitioner further told the court to declare them disqualified and punish them in accordance with law.

The court, however, adjourned the hearing to later dates due to the strike of lawyers.