Panic had gripped the busiest Alipur Road area after six armed bandits stormed into the National Saving Centre in broad daylight and fled away with cash amounting over Rs2 million.

According to the NSC manager, six armed dacoits raided the premises, four of them intruded into the building one by one under the guise of customers while two of them remained alert outside the building. First of all, he added, they pounced on guard Noor Muhammad and when he put up resistance, they seriously injured him with the butts. Later, they snatched guns from other gunman Yasir and held Muhammad Iqbal Manager, Muhammad Tariq cashier and other staff at gunpoint. They then whisked away with the cash by damaging the closed-circuit television cameras.

SUICIDE: A housewife in Mohallah Peer Kalay Shah committed suicide by swallowing wheat preservative tablets over domestic affairs.

According to police source, family members of Asmat Bibi often quarrelled with her over some family disputes. As a result, she decided to put an end to her life by taking fatal tablets. She was removed to the DHQ Hospital from where she war referred to a Lahore hospital where she died.