There is no doubt that Kalabagh Dam has been universally accepted as a necessity for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and the welfare of its people who are living miserably due to shortage of electricity and water. One feels ashamed to think that our leaders, who live like kings, have turned a project of dire human need into a political issue. While Punjab strived for its construction, the other provinces oppose it, for entirely foolish reasons. Every government which came to power deferred the issue on the pretext that ‘KBD can only be built with the common consensus of all provinces’.

Thank God the situation is gradually changing in favor of the dam. After coming to power in KP, Imran Khan expressed his views in favor of KBD. The latest statement of the KP Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak that he will have no objection over the construction of KBD if the experts convince him that the dam will not submerge two cities of KP, is highly encouraging. The warranty desired by him having been given many times before; the technical experts can do so again.

Sindh opposed the KBD, stating that it was not sure of getting its legitimate share of water from the dam. Delivering a lecture on the importance of KBD, at the Institute of Engineering Pakistan (IEP) the other day, the Sindh Taas Water Council Pakistan chairman Suleman Khan said, “When the provinces are drawing their shares according to the 1991 Water Accord, why are they not agreeing to build KBD, which is mandatory in the accord.” Ex-Chairman WAPDA Tariq Hameed warns that if the dam is not built immediately, poverty and hunger will be the endless fate which may lead the country to an irrecoverable disaster. Let us hope the opinion of experts changes the negative stand of Sindh leaders. Keeping in view the massive advantages of the dam, I suggest that people should suspend their political agitations and launch campaigns in favor of KBD.


Lahore, June 9.