The enemy looks for weak spots to attack. They carry out reconnaissance to find holes in the security system before actually attacking. We had a similar attack on Mehran Air Base a few years back. It is tragic that security still has no meaning in our country. Most of the pickets in the city are to deter citizens and make their lives difficult but sensitive areas have large holes from where the enemy can enter with weapons. After the incident, security has been beefed up on all airports in the country. The terrorists entered through gate number 4 of Jinnah Terminal, Karachi. We must find out who was in charge of security at the time, and they should all be fired, including the ASF Chief.

Our troops killed all the terrorists, but maybe they should have captured some alive and interrogated them. This is never done in Pakistan, and I would like to know why. Their interrogation would have lead us to the master minds. Why kill them all and get our troops killed in blind counter-action? We suffered more casualties than the terrorists. The commander of the operation failed to employ his command effectively and judiciously. The army is trained for such action and knows the importance of capturing the enemy for interrogation, so why is this not happening here?


Lahore, June 9.