Khyber Agency - Despite its completion one-and-half decade ago with an estimated cost of Rs22.5 million, Landi Kotel Technical College is still looking for staff to equip the tribal youth with technical education.

Established at Kam Shelman, a far-flung area of tehsil Landi Kotal in 1998 on 14 kanals of land, a double-storey building comprising twenty rooms, is still looking for staff to start providing technical education to tribal youth.

The locals alleged that the department concerned is deliberately not taking interest in the matter aimed to keep the tribal youth incompetent.

"All required equipment have been transported to the deserted building years ego and are still safe but unluckily the college has not been made functional due to absence of staff," watchman of the college said.

Shamsher Khan, a student of Peshawar University from Shelman, said the local tribal learnt technical expertise in foreign countries when they travelled abroad for earn livelihood for their families in Pakistan. However, he said if they were equipped with technical education in their own country then surely they get better jobs there and send handsome remittances.

Another tribal Gul Nawaz said, "In the main Landi Kotal bazaar, more than 50 per cent technical experts are non-locals, showing the reality that local population lack technical proficiency." As per an official of Fata Secretariat, the college had been approved by the provincial government in 1996 and completed in 1998 with an intention to impart technical knowledge to tribal youth.

Khyber Agency political agent Khyber also recently visited the non-functional technical college and inspected its different parts. He pledged that the college would soon be made functional but so far he was failed to materialise his commitment.

When the matter was brought to the notice of Deputy Director Technical Department Fata Secretariat HadyatUllah, he said the case is put up to the secretary and soon a decision will be made and tribesmen of Landi Kotal will get an opportunity to acquire technical education on their doorsteps.