Ever dreamed of creating a princess palace or a mini fantasy island for your child, but don’t have the time or imagination to build it from scratch?

Now one company is available to come to your rescue, ready to create luxury turreted tree houses, fairy tale woodland castles, magical playhouses, English country garden gazebos and even private islands. The British company, called The Master Wishmakers, promise that they can custom-design bespoke interpretations of clients’ aspirations for their loved ones, however farfetched or fantastical.

Sege Rosella, Founding Director of the company based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, said: ‘To be able to make someone’s dreams come true is surely one of the best professions imaginable. ‘We set up The Master Wishmakers as we wanted to remind everyone that anything is possible. We relish the chance to channel clients’ imaginations and to have fun handcrafting their wildest ideas. ‘Our customers are a mix of very wealthy private individuals and high-end businesses that are looking for the ultimate in imagination, design, quality and craftsmanship. As long as they have the budget we ensure that even the wildest of dreams is brought to life.’

One such designed, called Hotchpotch, is as a luxury children’s playhouse with a difference. Rather than focusing on one theme alone, this house combines a hotchpotch of four different play themes merging a fire station, village sweet shop, police station and quintessential English cottage, complete with children’s play kitchen, into one. It is fitted with bespoke furniture, is fully insulated and weather proof and has electrical wiring and lighting.

Rascal Revlots’ Garage, meanwhile, aims to cater for all the aspiring racing drivers and engineers out there. Inspired by the ‘golden-era’ of automotive history, it includes a drive-thru restaurant, petrol pump and car wash as well as an authentic American diner. There’s also the Adventurer’s House, which costs £ 54,000, and describes itself as a luxury playhouse that appeals to the natural explorer inside all children.

Wonky Tonk is £25,000 and aimed at all the ‘cool dudes and dudettes out there’. This kid’s playhouse is well suited to aspiring surfers, skiers, BMXers, skaters, dancers or just the more chilled and laid back. It is inspired by the type of shack or den that children dream of building deep in the woods - away from their parents’ prying eyes. Baron’s Bunk, which starts at £25,000, is aimed at aspiring pilots bespoke dream featuring a hand carved plane, a fun slide, bunk bed and air traffic control station. Buckle up.