ISLAMABAD- Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Tasnim Aslam today did not confirm the pre-dawn strikes in North Waziristan as drone attacks, but said Pakistan’s position on drones is clear.

During a briefing of the FO, when asked about the successive Mir Ali aerial strikes that killed 16 alleged militants late Wednesday and early Thursday, she said the facts surrounding the attack are being determined. “The nature of the attacks is being ascertained,” she said, without clarifying whether the strike was carried out by a US drone or Pakistani military machinery. “Pakistan’s position on drone attacks is clear.”

In the past, the government has strongly condemned drone strikes – maintaining a stance that strikes violated the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Regarding Karachi Airport incident she said investigation regarding use of foreign made weapons in the Karachi terrorist incident is underway and the government can’t level any allegation against any country without having proof. She said that comprehensive investigation of the incident was underway to determine the facts.

To a question, she said Pakistan fully supports peaceful election and transfer of power in Afghanistan in democratic way. She said Pakistan will provide security on the Pak-Afghan border during both the phases of Afghan presidential election.