Fashion Parade today has earned the vibe and drive of a serious platform revolving around the business of fashion.

The fashion show took place at the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Kensington Palace, at The Orangery, shined bright amongst the fashion lovers enhanced by sizzling star power, fashionistas and an impressive designer lineup that focused on nothing but strong and streamlined fashion.

Pakistani fashion was celebrated amongst international fashion editors, film directors and esteemed marketing heads of huge corporations. Encyclomedia’s young CEO Ammara Hikmat, thinks the project was successful in getting strong Pakistani aesthetics across borders making just the right connections with an international market. She says, ‘The idea of Fashion Parade was to develop the finest entrepreneurial ecosystem for creative talent of the country outside Pakistan. This event is not just about exhibiting clothes, it’s about making meaningful connections, which will help stimulate new business in the field’.

 Fashion Parade’s objective was to further retail and give Pakistani designers an international platform to showcase their creative abilities. The event was attended by many international names like Gurinder Chadda (film director of Bend it like Beckham fame), Zoheb Hassan, Sacha Stone, Ciro Orsini, Abbas Hassan and fashion heads like Ahlya Fateh of Tata Naka and Hiro &Radhika Harjani of Aftershock. The prestigious event was also attended by CEO of Vitabiotics Mr Kartar Lilwani, famous 90’s singer Sonique Clark and from the print world CEO of Asiana Magazine Ashok Dhawan also attended the show.  A little star power was also added to the event by Ali Zafar in attendance who was invited by Marketing guru, Suhel Seth, to draw the raffle prizes at the event.

Sadia Siddiqui, dynamic CEO of Mustang, who managed the event said ‘Fashion parade was launched in London to bring the world of Asian Fashion to the capital and to show the wonders of Pakistsn design. It is important to me that UK sees another side to Pakistani culture.’

The event was successful in pleasing international audiences of the 7 designer collections that were showcased at the event. The opening of the event was done by the famous Faiza Samee who showcased a bohemian collection that featured floaty printed jackets and block print palazzos.