LAHORE - The industry in Punjab is unable to generate revenue for payment of their utility bills and bank payments due to very low production base owing to severe energy crisis.

The situation is fast moving to a point forcing millers to close down their operations completely until uninterrupted 24/7 energy supply, both gas and electricity is made available.

According to industry sources, some 70% of the textile industry is located in Punjab with 10 million direct and indirect workforce earns livelihood facing serious threat of being out of business and massive lay-offs. Today, about 10 hours a day announced load shedding of electricity besides the unannounced tripping and shut downs causing production and machinery damages.  Textile export orders in hand of the industry are being withheld due to supply chain disruptions.

A spokesman of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has warned that burdening the industry with increase in utility tariff would further trigger the cost of doing business, especially when the Punjab textile industry is already paying through nose the inter-province as well as regional tariff differential.