Former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani has asked the government to launch investigation into reports regarding utilisation of Indian arms by the terrorists in Karachi Airport attack.

Talking to journalists here at Multan Airport on Tuesday night, he added that the government should focus entire country instead of just Karachi so that the terrorists could not take benefit and target any place. He reiterated that the PPP would support the government’s peace moves as it had given mandate to the government for holding talks with the Taliban during All Parties Conference.

He warned that terrorism and extremism would further increase in the country if the government’s policy remained ambiguous on the issue. He suggested to the prime minister to convene a joint session of the parliament forthwith and clearly state his policy on terrorism. He said that Pakistan played the role of a front line state against terrorism and rendered tremendous sacrifices for the peace of world. He pointed out that the government had not formed any foreign policy as yet.

To a query, he said that the PPP was not concerned on whether the government would complete its term or not but it should fulfil promises it made with the public. “If the rulers fail to do so, the masses will get disappointed from the politicians,” he warned. He said that entire world focused health and education but the rulers focused transport. He added that the more he got active, the more cases were registered against him.

“Now I am going to Karachi for the hearing of Trade Development Corporation Case. I am asked by Farooq H Naik to get a pre-arrest bail but I want them to arrest me. I want to know who is behind my arrest,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar asked the government to tell the nation as to what powers are creating hurdles in way of a successful dialogue with Taliban. He said that no big terrorism incident took place in the country as long as peace talks continued. “The dialogue process has been sabotaged under a vicious conspiracy to disrupt peace in Pakistan. The enemies want to exploit chaotic situation and harm Pakistan,” he warned. He asked the government to resume dialogue with Taliban and take steps for making this process meaningful.

He paid rich tributes to the personnel of security forces and said that they laid down their lives for the protection of motherland. He maintained that the government had completely failed in maintaining law and order in the country.

PROTEST THREATENED: The Kissan Ittehad Pakistan has hurled a warning to the government that it will start a protest drive if the cases against farmers were not withdrawn forthwith.

“We’ll kick off the drive by holding a demonstration outside Multan Press Club at 10:00 am on Thursday (today),” declared  Sajid Bodla, the secretary general of the KIP, while talking to the journalists here on Wednesday.

He said that the government had made a commitment with the KIP that cases against 6,000 unidentified and seven nominated farmers would be withdrawn but no step had been taken so far in this regard. Strong resentment and unrest prevail among the farmers as cases under terrorism Act and many other laws had been registered against farmers and they have not been quashed despite promises made by Federal Minister for Food Security Sikandar Bosan.