LAHORE - The Society of Aircraft Engineers of Pakistan (SEAP) has condemned the terrorist attack on Karachi airport on Sunday last which took thirty valuable lives and substantial damage to PIA property. SAEP president Muhammad Saleem has said that SEAP offers condolence to the affected families of the two senior aircraft engineers Fazal Mahmood Zubairi and Tanveer Anwar Khan and also the two other engineering personnel who sacrificed their lives during that incidence. SAEP recognizes and appreciates the major contribution made by Airport Security Force in confronting the act of terrorism and offers condolences on the loss of lives of the ASF personnel, he added.

SAEP also appreciates all the engineering staff who performed duty after dreadful event in extremely adverse atmosphere to resume the operation of National Flag Carrier with the highest level of commitment.  

Quran khawani will be held for the departed souls and health of injured personnel on June 13, 2014 at PIA Jamia Masjid after juma prayers.