After Nawaz Sharif’ recent meeting with Narendra Modi, hardliners on both sides started their hate-campaign to discredit peace. I just wonder what our politicians’ real priorities are and what forces influence their change of mind. Last week, Nawaz Sharif was very rightly questioned why Pakistan, a nuclear state, is facing power breakdowns of 6 – 8 hours daily. Pakistan wastes 10s of MAF (Million-Acre-Feet per Year) of fresh water into the sea instead of storing it for power generation; lack of trust among provinces on building of new dams leads to expensive thermal power generation option.

Same goes for India, Narendra Modi promised during the elections campaign ‘Toilets first, Temples later,’ as India, another nuclear state, wherein half a billion people, have no access to basic sanitation. Increased numbers of reported and unreported rape and sexual assault cases have been blamed on vulnerability of women using outdoor toilets.

I wonder what the real priorities are, of both two states which take pride in equipping themselves to the teeth with nuclear weapons and missiles, but do nothing for humanity? They would rather choose nuclear weapons over improved law and order, economic growth, basic sanitation and clean water for the general public? But sadly the policy makers have no clue what it is to spend a summer day without electricity, or to have to walk in the open field to defecate.


Saudi Arab, June 9.