Anti-Terrorism Court Judge Muhammad Akmal Khan sentenced two cannibals to 12 years jail term each on Wednesday.

According to the prosecution, Darya Khan Police of Bhakkar District had arrested two brothers identified as Arif and Farman over the charges of eating dead human meat which they dug out from the fresh graves from local graveyard. An FIR had been lodged against them under Sections 295/A, 297/A, 201/34/78/A and the case been sent to Sargodha Division ATC.

The court announced the verdict and awarded both the culprits the jail term with Rs200,000 fine. In case of non-payment of fine, they would be jailed four months rigorous imprisonment. They were also awarded 4 month jail term each and Rs100,000 fine and for non-payment two month further jail. Moreover, the court also announced 10 year imprisonment and Rs500,000 fine. Both the convicts sent to Central Jail Mianwali.