Police claimed to have arrested three girls allegedly involved in kidnapping and murder cases.

Gujranwala City Police Officer Raja Riffat Mukhtar during a press conference said that on April 28, Asif was gunned down in his vehicle in the precincts Satellite Town police, and on February 11, a newborn was kidnapped. After strenuous efforts, the Gujrnawala police have succeeded to trace out the accused involved in the murder and the kidnapping cases.

Kishwar, a resident of Kamboh Colony, admitted that she had relations with deceased Asif before marriage. After she got married with him, he started blackmailing her. After one month of marriage, he took her to deserted place where gave her a pistol and asked to kill him or fled away. She said that she unintentionally pulled the trigger and the bullet hit him in the head.

In the second case, the police arrested two sisters Shabana and Farzana. Shabana was childless and she planned with her sister for kidnapping a child from DHQ Hospital. Police also recovered the four-month-old abductee from their custody, the CPO added.