LAHORE - A shortage of petrol in Lahore has troubled motorists and passengers to stand in long queues at petrol pumps, a scene reminding of the rush at CNG stations in the past. The problem of petrol shortage is feared to become worse in the coming days and may linger on for few days, said an owner of a petrol pump.

According to sources, supply of around 150,000 tons of petrol has been delayed due to the tussle between the PSO and the federal ministry of Ports and Shipping on payment issues. Most of the petrol pumps were without fuel while at other petrol pumps long queues of vehicles could been seen. As per sources, a ship carrying imported fuel will dock at the port today after which the fuel supply is likely to improve.

Long queues of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles were seen at opened petrol pumps while people in search of petrol and diesel were seen frantically moving to one petrol pump to others. Owing to such senseless response amid uncertainty, chaos and confusion, many petrol pumps ran out of fuel stock by the evening.

Short supply at filling stations resulted in closure of many pumps, said a member of Lahore Petroleum Dealers Association. He added oil depots are not supplying petrol as per demand, terming it a lingering issue. He added that there are reports that gaps in import consignments also led to shortage of petroleum products.

Pakistan State Oil and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources are yet to address the issue. According to sources, the shortage occured due to the reduced oil imports, whereas the rumours have also increased the fuel crisis as a large number of petrol pumps are refusing to provide petrol to the motorists.