The biggest threat that Pakistan faces is greed of few corrupt, devoid of loyalty or commitment to the country. While hundreds of thousands of expatriates, majority repatriate over $20 billion annually, a handful of those holding public offices siphon more than that abroad, in connivance with those tasked to prevent this crime. Unfortunate the reality is that those who are beneficiary of this illegal flight of capital hold so much power, that not a single person involved, in this anti state activity, has ever been punished or given exemplary punishment. If anybody has any doubts may I remind them how Khanani and Kalia case was hushed up?

Corruption is worldwide but those who hold power can be corrupt and yet still be nationalists, refusing to abandon their motherland for greener pastures. Mahathir Mohammed’s opponents accuse him of massive corruption, quoting Business Empire his son established while his father held public office but nobody can deny that Mahathir worked for development of Malaysia and his priority to invest in education and health. As a nationalist he ensured Malaysia invested in development of human resources and transfer of technology, without which a country cannot survive and protect its sovereignty.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, those who hold public offices have reduced it to convenient financial transit stopover, for making money illegally and then transfer all their assets, along with their family, to foreign safe haven. This also explains why no government has invested in education, health, or provision of basic necessities. Appointment of corrupt cronies, holding foreign nationalities in FIA, Customs, KPT, PIA, CAA etc is done specifically for such nefarious activities.


Lahore, June 8.