I was disappointed to hear the budget, there is nothing to appreciate the PML-N government for, as it is a budget by the rich ruling class for the rich, who support and vote for PML-N. As the majority of Pakistanis are kept illiterate and ignorant, having no say or right to participate in the government’ decision making will, they remain poor, deprived of education and health care. When a country is paying about 50% of its income as interest and loan installment and 20% to protect itself, from internal and external threats, then what ever is left is not even able to meet the government expenses.

When the Prime Minister and Finance Minister own interest and property in other countries, who is interested in investing in Pakistan? When government is not interested in making state institution independent of political influence and civil bureaucracy becomes servants to political rulers and corruption becomes rampant, then there can be no economic growth. I would like to request the Finance Minister that he should takes steps to bring back the Pakistani US$200 billion, lying in Switzerland and in other countries, as he told the nation a year before and pay that money to free the country from local and foreign debts. He will render a great service to us.


Lahore, June 6.