We every day read news about different road casualties specially various areas of Sindh while this issue is being a dangerous day by day ,because our government our parents don’t pay attention to this matter our traffic police who only stands on roads despite the present of traffic police the people usually break the traffic signals ,these people don’t know Damages of about signal break, the traffic police don’t ask any people that why you driving rush and reckless and don’t check driving license , as we see that today’s young generations who belong to rich families they have own vehicles they don’t think about own lives and others due to rush driving usually children and old people who can’t cross roads ,but unfortunately parents of children don’t pay attention to this matter, that is responsibility of parents that refuse to children such drivings , I request to the all parents of children by this letter that vehicles should not give to children unless children’s age reach to 18 year. 


Dadu, April 20.