Past in Perspective


“I am pleased to sign today…placing the United States on daylight saving time for a period of approximately 2 years...We have taken a number of actions to meet the energy crisis, and more will have to be taken. Many require inconvenience and sacrifice.”

–President Richard Nixon – December 1973.

Although a little-known concept in this country, because it is now a forsaken practice, every year, millions of people still adhere to daylight savings and push their clocks one hour forward in the summer, in order to reap the full benefits of times of the day with sunlight. Farmers are cited as the main beneficiaries of this yearly activity, but recent studies show that farmers report almost no benefit from the adjustment of clocks. One reason for the farmers opposing Daylight Savings Time (DST) is because they cite the optimum time to harvest after the sun has dried some of the dew of the grain. Other arguments aside, even after numerous studies have proven against its efficacy, most countries in Europe and North America still adhere to this practice.

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