Rotten to the core


It has been reported that Rs 10 crore were given for provision of bullet proof vests to police but the money was pilfered resulting in the death of seven police men. It has also been reported that seven poor police men were killed like flies by motor cyclists. The only way is to ban motor cycle as the nation is not fit for the use of motor cycles which have become deliverers of death. We had to ban kites for the same reason as even one death is too much as one loss of life without is one too many.

Either the military police be delegated powers for law and order in our cities or the entire law and order be made a charge of military. Extra ordinary steps are needed in extra ordinary circumstances. We should not be afraid of giving more powers to army as existential threat is faced by Pakistan. We should not be shy of giving more authority to our army for ensuring law and order in our cities as it is the need of our time. Either we face slow attrition or solve our problem by delegating more authority to army even if a constitutional amendment is needed as the nation is not bound by illogical considerations.


Lahore, April 21.

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