Seerat un Nabi (SAW) Encyclopedia of Darussalam


Darussalam is an international publishing company which publishes the books according to Quran and Sunnah in 28 different languages. It also prints the translation of Quran e Majeed in 28 different languages. Darussalam publishes over 1400 educational and investigative books. Its network is established in over 30 countries. It is preparing Islamic Web Site, Darussalam E Books and Islamic Mobile Applications.  

Now days, Darussalam prints a book named Seerat un Nabi (SAW) encyclopedia. Its inauguration ceremony was held in Darussalam Headquarter, Lahore. Book in Urdu language has 11 volumes. Book was prepared after the research of 7 years. All the incidents about Seerat are derived from Quran e Majeed, Ahadees and authentic books of Seerat and history. Details about Ghazwaat and wars are mentioned after long time of investigation. Footnotes are also written about historical events and main places. It includes colorful pictures, maps, sketches and calligraphy of Quranic Verses. Its language is very simple, affluent, spirited and idiomatic. Everyone and library needs this book. 


Lahore, April 20. 

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