HAFIZABAD/OKARA - Diehard activists of PTI expressed their resentment against the party for ignoring them while awarding tickets for the general elections.

Thus, the strenuous efforts made by some elders to effect reconciliation between District President Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti group and Rai Jhanghir Ali Kharl and his elder brother Rai Riasat Ali Kharl group ended in fiasco as the PTI leaders failed to accommodate them by awarding a ticket.

They include Ch Amanullah Sandhu, the former district president of PTI and General Secretary of District Bar Association (DBA). He said that the same family members of feudal lords have been awarded tickets terming it negation of the vision and manifesto of the party.

The politics of the district revolved around the two arch rivals, Mian Afzal Hussain Tarar and Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti, for the past two decades. However, following differences between Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti and his younger brother ex-federal minister Liaqat Abbas Bhatti as well as his friends and business partners Rai brothers of Geegy Bangarr, a third major political group headed by Liaqat Abbas Bhatti has emerged.

A meeting of the independent group led by Ch Liaqat Abbas, Asadullah Arain, Pir Shoaib Shah Nawaz, Pir Syed Waseemul Hassan Naqvi and ex-president PTI Ch Amanullah Sandhu was held at the Dera of Haji Rai Riasat Ali Kharl. It was decided to field their joint candidates against the PTI, PML-N and PPP candidates.

Former Federal Minister Saira Afzal Tarar has filed her nomination papers to contest election from NA-87 and PP-70 while Mian Shahid Hussain Bhatti of PML-N and his brother Mian Zahid Hussain Bhatti have filed his nomination papers to contest election from PP-69.

Likewise, for NA-141 Okara, former state minister Pir Syed Samsam Ali Shah Bokhari has been named as PTI candidate. Sources said that the PTI might decide to grant two tickets for NA-143 and NA-144 to Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo. The participation of Wattoo in the general elections as Independent candidate is not out of question. He would sanely decide in the total benefit and welfare of the people of his constituency.

Though Pir Syed Samsam Ali Shah Bokhari has been a stalwart in country’s politics whose allegiance to the PTI has brought enough strength to it, the position of Masud Shafqat Rubera, former MPA of the PTI, is also strong.

NA-141 constituency has been solely inhabited by Kharal clans. If Masud Shafqat is picked off the constituency, it would be difficult for Samsam Bokhari to win the election. The victory of Samsam Bokhari in NA-141 depends on the whole-hearted support of Masud Shafqat Rubera. However, Samsam Bokhari is the experienced gladiator of political arena of the district. He might adopt some better strategy to win.