MULTAN - Allah Ditta Khanpuri, a tailor by profession, intends to compile the Holy Quran with wheat straw by pasting it with glue on silky cloth in a unique manner and way.

Currently, he has been composing the first para of the Holy Quran for the last 3 months and hopes to accomplish the Holy Quran with six to seven years.

In an interview with APP, Allah Dita popularly known as AD Khanpuri, said he was fond of the art since he was a schoolchild and was inspired by an artist who made portrait of Quaid-I-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal in a TV programme.

“I have no teacher and have developed this art myself. With the passage of time, my eagerness flourished.” he said. The artist who is resident of Khanpur Katora said that one para costs Rs30,000 and he needed Rs0.9 million to complete the mission.

He appealed to the government and philanthropists to extend financial assistance for completion of the noble deed. To a question, he said that he composes the Holy Quran after ablution, adding he uses pair of scissors, cutter, glue, campus, forecep, and thin wooden sticks for compiling the Holy Quran in the way. “I’m doing with self-help by now. At times, people visit me for its ziarat (watching) and pay me some money. I wish to exhibit my work in an exhibition but I have no resource for it,” AD stated.

To another question, the artist said he keeps the scanned copy of the para in front of him while writing the Holy Quran.

He said that he got his primary education from his village and could not continue it due to humble parentage.

He said that he had composed Aetul Kursi, Model of Quaid-I-Azam tomb, and National Anthem with wheat straw.