KARACHI - The Pakistan Navy annual safety review 2017 was held at Bahria Auditorium on Monday.

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi graced the occasion as chief guest. The navy annual safety review is a forum where safety standards are discussed to mark importance of safety culture which in turn provides a road map for further safe working environment in the navy.

The naval operations being diverse and complex inherently carry an element of risk. The risk factor varies as how a particular task is planned and executed. Apparently a simple and routine task can become hazardous, if attempted carelessly.

Conversely, an intricate task can be executed smoothly if planned and executed professionally while keeping the elements of safety in mind and with adherence to standard procedures. An accident occurring due disregard to safety procedures not only endangers men and material, it also impacts the overall confidence of an organisation and hence leads to erosion of professionalism.

“We need to understand that safety is not confined only to workplace but its roots are embedded into day to day family matters and their impacts we carry to our workplace. Desired objectives can only be achieved when every individual in our system starts feeling his or her responsibility.”

The naval chief while addressing the audience said that the Pakistan Navy had come a long way in adopting a comprehensive safety regime. The change in attitude of personnel and adaptation of safe workplace practices was though progressive but evidently visible from safe conduct of extensively complex operations, he added. This, however, remains a continuous process. As we have stepped into 2018, our concept of safety must draw its impetus from an honest retrospection of yester year, the naval chief said. He said that though there are generally no new mistakes in the realm of safety, however, a critical analysis of the ones having occurred during last year should in all probability prepare us to pre-empt and prevent them from recurring. At the end, the naval chief gave away safety trophies and awards to prize winners.