ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has demanded the removal of Chairman National Database and Registration Authority Usman Yousaf Mubeen ahead of July 25 General Elections for siding with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

Senior Vice-president PTI Dr Babar Awan while talking to reporters after an Iftar dinner hosted by himself demanded of the caretaker set-up to remove chairman NADRA for allegedly sharing sensitive information about voters to PML-N. He did not further elaborate as to what kind of sensitive information the chairman NADRA shared with the PML-N. He only said: “A dangerous plan is being hatched.”

NADRA being a registration authority in Pakistan has a databank of citizen’s personal and private information regarding family tree and birth registration. The authority has also critical role in the preparation of voter lists.

Usman Yousaf Mubeen, incumbent chairman of NADRA, was appointed against this post twice consecutively during the five-year tenure of PML-N government.

Dr Babar Awan also alleged that all District Coordination Officers (DCOs) in Punjab were appointees of PML-N and requested the caretaker set-up to have a major reshuffle in bureaucracy in the country especially in Punjab to provide a level playing field to all political parties in July 25 elections. He said that PTI would soon write a letter to the caretaker prime minister Nasirul Mulk for the transfer of all DCOs as well as all police chiefs in all the four provinces. He stressed that caretaker governments at the federal and provincial levels should provide level playing field to all the political parties to contest elections.

The PTI leader also accused the country’s civilian intelligence agency –Intelligence Bureau (IB) for running a political cell what he said it was established during the last regime of PML-N.

He said that PTI had mutual understanding on seat adjustment agreement with the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) in Gujrat and Chakwal and talks were under way for a similar seat adjustment understanding with the Sindh-based Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA).

He however ruled out any electoral alliance with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

On the distribution of ticket among PTI candidates, he said that some people had reservations on the distribution of tickets.

“We have decided to receive review applications to address these reservations,” he said adding that PTI would approach each worker to vow him. He said that PML-N candidates were avoiding to launch election campaign in their respective constituencies for fearing backlash from the voters because of allegedly bringing change in the law regarding the finality of Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He said that tickets distribution was one of the most difficult phases in election and PTI had successfully gone through it. “PML-N has so far not finalised tickets,” he added.

He said that PTI had worked for more than a year on its 100 days plans to govern the country after coming into power and added that PTI would bring Pakistan out of international isolation after coming to power.

He said that party Chairman Imran Khan would formally launch the election campaign after his return from Saudi Arabia and would end his election campaign with a big rally either in Karachi or Lahore.

About the corruption cases faced by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family before an accountability court, he said that court decision against them was a writing on the wall. “The nation knows what would be the decision,” he said adding that the future of Nawaz Sharif was Adiala Jail. He said that Sharif had tried to give a wrong impression to the nation that perhaps the court was not giving him justice. “They had to answer only two questions; from where the money came, and how the money was sent abroad?” He also said that the law did not permit that an accused could boycott the trial.

Separately, Chairman PTI has decided to personally review the cases of those disgruntled party workers who were earlier denied tickets by the party. Imran Khan in his message through Twitter said all those party workers “who felt that they have been neglected or unfairly overlooked in allocation of party tickets” should submit their petitions with Additional Secretary General Arshad Dad in PTI’s Central Office.

I will personally review each petition and take action accordingly,” he said and added: “I would never knowingly treat any of our old workers and loyalists unjustly.” However, this would remain a question when Imran Khan will review these applications as he on Monday left for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Earlier, a number of old PTI workers and leaders had launched a protest for neglecting them in the distribution of tickets by the parliamentary board.