KAMALIA - The deputy director colleges of Toba Tek Singh district released a commemorative order in recognition of the services of Govt PST Postgraduate College, Kamalia Principal Dr Peer Qutabul Haq Chishti here the other day.

The letter appreciates the efforts made by Peer Qutabul Haq Chishti and the college staff, stating that the PST College has achieved ascendancy not only in education but also in co-curricular activities.

Reportedly, the number of students in the college was 843 a few years ago which has now risen up to 2,148. The number of BSc students has increased up to 56 from zero while the computer science students are above 650 now.

The college has also started MA English classes and BS four-year program in Physics, English, and Economics.

A talent/super section at FSc level was introduced in 2015 which has turned out to be a successful initiative as majority of the students, studied in this section, managed to get admissions in medical colleges and engineering universities this year. Pre-first year classes are also a successful project of the college as at least 70 students, who attended these classes, have scored between 80 to 96 percent marks this year.

Headed by Peer Qutabul Haq Chishti, the college has achieved amazing positions in sports competitions; eight at national level, six at provincial level, 24 at divisional level and 33 positions at district level which is a record.

Similarly, in literary events, students of the PST College won 113 positions in provincial, divisional and district level competitions. The college students consistently grab top positions in district level literary competitions for consecutive three years - 2016, 2017 and 2018. No educational institution, whether public or private, can compete with the PST College in of educational and co-curricular activities.

Talking to The Nation, College Principal Peer Qutabul Haq Chishti said that the credit of all this success went to the guidance of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and hard work of the college staff.

 “No person is allowed to disrupt discipline of the institution,” he maintained. Local political and social personalities also appreciate the brilliant performance of Dr Peer Qutabul Haq Chishti.