KAMALIA-Chairman Standing Committee on Law and Justice Riaz Fatyana announced “Naya Kamalia” development scheme in a press conference here the other day.

He told the media that the scheme would include, but not limited to, building an expressway in Kamalia that would reach Athara Hazari after passing through Mal Fatyana, Sarfraz Morr, Pir-Mahal-Darkhana Road and other rural areas.

“Kamalia-Harappa Bridge over Ravi River will be completed so that the travellers may save time as well as be safe from hardships of the journey. Trees will be planted on a large scale in the area that will make the climate pleasant and also assist in eliminating environmental pollution,” he added.

He advised his political opponents to refrain from doing politics for the sake of politics if they could not bring themselves to lend a hand in renovating and upgrading the area so that the progress of the region might be continued without any obstacle. He urged the people of the area to assist him in the completion of the project.

Riaz Fatyana urged his political opponents to leave politics aside for once and come to him with better suggestions for public welfare, regional development and eliminating employment. He proclaimed that his foremost agenda was to work for the development of the area and the betterment and well-being of the people.


The situation of cleanliness is very poor at local vegetable market, it has been learnt.

Citizens complain about heaps of wastes and garbage, causing mosquitoes and other insects to mushroom in the area. Shopkeepers and residents of the area express grave concerns over health hazards in the area. Vendors and locals of the vegetable market area have demanded that the higher authorities take immediate notice of the problems arisen due to lack of cleanliness poor management of waste disposal. They demanded a permanent solution to this problem.