LAHORE - Investigation Police on Tuesday claimed to have arrested a woman in connection with a murder case registered with Lahore’s Civil Lines police, last week.

The suspect was identified as Raheela Bibi.

According to police the arrested had an affair with Nasir. A police official said that Raheela killed Nasir with the help of Waqar Bashir, a cousin of the deceased. The woman had also an affair with Waqar and they planned the killing together.

According to police, the alleged killer called Nasir to Chakwal where she served him intoxicated food. As he fell unconscious, Raheela and Waqar killed Nasir by hitting him in the head with an iron rod. The police have also seized the killing weapon from the suspect.

Civil Lines SP (Investigation) Asim Iftikhar has announced commendatory certificates for the policemen for solving the blind murder mystery.