KARACHI   -     Commenting on the arrest of its founder Altaf Hussain in London, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan spokesman made it clear that they distanced themselves from the founder on the basis of anti-state speeches which he delivered on August 22, 2016. “The MQM-P believes in the supremacy of the law and nobody or any group is above the law,” he added. The spokesman was of the view that Altaf was wanted in hate speeches cases since 2016 and his anti-state speeches forced them to divorce him. “From the very first day, the MQM-P is against the politics of Muhajir Qatil and Muhajir Maqtool as we are on the path of anti-violent politics, said the party spokesman. He also came down hard on the Pak Sarzameen Party and reminded its chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal that several leaders of his party were also ‘wanted’ in many violence and criminal cases.