Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said it is time the nation stopped glorifying money launderers who have caused damage to the country.

In a post on Twitter, the prime minister said, “Time for nation to stop glorifying money launderers who have damaged our nation and impoverished our people and now seeking refuge behind 'democracy'.”

“No protocol should be extended to them. Where are plunderers of public wealth given such special treatment? Time to treat them as criminals,” PM Imran added.

On Tuesday, the prime minister promised to constitute a "high-powered commission" to probe corruption of last 10 years in Pakistan.

Announcing the formation of a high-level commission to probe corruption, the prime minister said it would investigate acquisition of foreign loans over the past 10 years.

He said the foreign debt of the country jumped to Rs30,000 billion from Rs6,000 billion in the last 10 years.

"The inquiry commission will have representatives from the IB, FIA, FBR, SECP and ISI," PM Imran said. "We will find out through the inquiry commission how foreign debts of the country mounted to Rs24,000 billion."