Rachel Brosnahan’s beauty lesson from show

LOS ANGELES - Rachel Brosnahan has learned to ‘’get pleasure’’ from her skincare regime thanks to ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’.

The 28-year-old actress is in awe of the ‘’extensive beauty routine’’ her alter ego, Midge Maisel, undergoes every day in the 1950s comedy-drama and playing the role has made her realise it can ‘’feel good’’ to take care of her appearance.

She told People magazine: ‘’I once opened the medicine cabinet on set in Midge’s bathroom, and you never see it on the show, but there are about a hundred different products in there.

‘’Midge has a very extensive beauty routine. It was really hard to be a lady in the 1950s! There were so many steps.

‘’She gets great pleasure out of her beauty routine. It’s something that she really enjoys, and that’s something I’ve borrowed from Midge. It feels good to clean my face, to take my makeup off, or to put makeup on when I’m going out.’’

And though her beauty regime used to be a chore for Rachel, she’s learned to get pleasure from it and understand what her skin needs.

She added: ‘’[Applying skincare was] something that I didn’t always enjoy.

‘’My approach is listening to what I need in the moment and finding small moments to take a minute to take a breath.’’

Selena Gomez ‘finally’ finishes new music

LOS ANGELES - Selena Gomez has ‘’finally’’ finished her new music.

The ‘Come and Get It’ hitmaker suggested she has completed her project after teasing her fans with social media posts from the studio over the past few months as she continued to work on her highly anticipated third solo album. Asked about new music, she excitedly told Entertainment Tonight: ‘’Yes! Yes! It’s finally done.’’

Although Selena refused to give any more details - simply teasing .