ISLAMABAD - The federal government has earmarked total Rs140 billion for the internal security and law and order related expenditures under the head of Ministry of Interior in the finance bill 2019-20 and the allocation is 28 per cent higher than the outgoing fiscal year.

The Rs140 billion allocations include allocation for Interior Division, Islamabad administration as well as police, Passport Office, civil armed forces, Frontier Constabulary, Pakistan Coastal Guards, Pakistan Rangers and miscellaneous expenditures of the interior division.

In the outgoing fiscal year 2018-19, the government had allocated Rs109 billion for running expenditures of all those departments that fall under the Ministry of Interior.

Of the Rs140 billion allocations, the maximum sum goes to the civil armed forces including Frontier Corps Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Frontier Corps Balochistan which is Rs84 billion. The allocation is 33 per cent higher than the allocation of previous finance bill for the civil armed forces which was Rs60 billion.

Following civil armed forces, the second maximum allocation goes to Pakistan Rangers which stands at Rs 23 billion. The previous allocation for Pakistan Rangers was Rs21.9 billion.

Similarly, an allocation of Rs10 billion had been proposed for Frontier Constabulary which is 12 per cent high than its last allocation of Rs8.9 billion.

In addition to that, the government had allocated Rs9 billion for Islamabad administration, Islamabad district courts, capital’s civil defence department and the capital police. The previous allocation for Islamabad was Rs8.44 billion 

And, an allocation of Rs2.9 billion has been proposed for the Immigration and Passport Organisation, Rs2 billion for the Pakistan Coast Guards, Rs1 billion for the expenditures f Interior Division and Rs6.7 billion for miscellaneous expenditures of Interior Division.

Besides this non-development allocation of Rs140 billion, the federal government has also earmarked Rs9.8 billion for the development projects under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). The allocation is 157 percent lower than the allocation of 24.20 billion of last fiscal year 2018-19.

Out of this Rs9.8 billion allocation, Rs1.864 billion has been allocated for the 14 new projects of Ministry of Interior and Rs7.9 billion has been proposed for the on-going development projects of the division.

Under the on-going projects of PSDP, Rs500 million each has been allocated for management of Western Border by raising eight additional wings for Frontier Corps Balochistan (North), and by raising  of HQ of FC Balochistan (South), and Rs400 million has been earmarked  for management of Western Border by raising seven additional wings for  FC Balochistan (South).

For the old schemes, Rs400 million has been allocated under PSDP for construction of Islamabad Model Prison, Rs 50 million for construction of additional family suits for the members of parliament and 500 servant quarters in Islamabad, and Rs50 million for construction of Judicial and Administration Complex in Islamabad. In addition to that, Rs225 million has been allocated for establishment of National Forensic Science Agency (HQS) and Islamabad Laboratory and Rs335.2 million for raising of two special security division wings of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) to provide security to Chinese national working in Pakistan.

Under the new schemes of PSDP, the government has allocated 425 million for the construction of Islamabad Expressway from Koral to Rawat.