ISLAMABAD - The Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan in collaboration with the National Institute of Blood Diseases Karachi has started the Covid-19 treatment through the plas­ma therapy.

While addressing the launching ceremony of the service, the head of the Na­tional Institute of Blood Dis­eases Dr Tahir Shamsi said that there was no specific treatment for the Covid-19 patients, but transferring plasma of the recovered pa­tients to the virus patients was the only way to help treat them.

He further stated that transfer of plasma from the recovered patients to the Covid-19 patients will cer­tainly help in saving the lives of many patients.

Meanwhile, the AKF Cov­id-19 task force Chairman Dr Hafeez Rehman said that they were facilitating the masses with accurate and cheap testing across the country.

He elaborated that AKF has all the data of the recov­ered patients of Covid-19 and they will be contact­ed for donation of plasma to the current patients of Coronavirus which will help in treating others at a speedy pace.