attock          -        Police have arrested a seven-member gang along with their leader allegedly involved in blackmailing girls and boys and extorting money from them. All have been sent behind the bars. District Police Officer Khalid Hamdani told reporters that police had been receiving complaints that a group was luring girls through cell phones, developing friendship with them and later making their nude videos, and black mailing them and extorting money from them. DPO further said that the gang also manhandled a police constable Ehtisham, filmed him nude and snatched Rs 23000, a motorcycle, CNIC, ATM and service cars from him abused him and asked him to provide Rs 150,000 otherwise his nude clips will be made viral on social media.

He said that taking action on the complaints, a team consisting of DSP Amara Shirazi, SHO AtifSattar and others was constituted and tasked to arrest the culprits.

The team using modern technology and conventional methods arrested a seven-member gang which include Babar Ali Khan, AbuzarGhafari, Muhammad Osama, ObaidurRehman, Akram Din, Muhammad Kamran and Wahid and recovered all the data which include naked photos and clips of different girls and of the constable.

A case under the relevant acts had been registered against them and all have been sent behind the bars. Khalid Hamdani said that all would be brought to justice with exemplary punishment. Meanwhile, police have arrested Said Akbar r/o Nartopa for allegedly killing his young son. During initial interrogation, the alleged killer told police that he shot dead his 22-year-old Son Bilawal as he was indulged in immoral activities.