Peshawar             -      Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP), Muhammad Faiq Shah has urged the government to present the upcoming fiscal budget a pro-people, otherwise the lockdown-hit masses will resort to agitation and resistance and against the budget.

“No new levy should be imposed, while a huge chunk of budget needs to be allocated for education, health, agriculture and industry to give relief in the forthcoming budget to poverty-stricken masses and generate employment opportunities,” Faiq Shah said while addressing the party’s central leaders and office bearers here at the ATP secretariat on Thursday.

Showing grave concern over the current economic meltdown, he criticized the PTI-led government and claimed that it has failed to materialize its promises made with the masses despite the passage of two years.

He added the successive governments had every-time deceived the people with their empty slogans.

“No relief was passed on to the inflation-hit people of the reduced petroleum products prices,” he lamented.

Aftermath of the unprecedented price-hike, health crisis, and the attack of locust swarm, he noticed new challenges have created agriculture production issue.

He said the disappointing fact is that political point scoring is at peak despite the prevailing circumstances.

Faiq Shah said: “the government subordinate institutions and its subsidiary bodies have become redundant and not working effectively as their performance has been exposed amid covid-19 crisis.

He said the institutions are shown inactiveness instead hitting miserably the country with great human catastrophe.

He reiterated his resolve that his party will continue to fight and struggle for legitimate rights of masses and justice to them at every forum, besides party will also create awareness through general masses.