During the lockdown, where schools and parks are closed, children have turned their attention to cartoons. It is sometimes observed that children adopt aggressive behaviours as a result of certain cartoons. This makes it increasingly important for parents to surveil the kind of cartoons their children are watching. Certain cartoons like “Intelligent Bear” played on Pogo provide no value to children as they lack both in theme and plot.

I have observed my own child imitating the actions she has observed in the cartoons she watched. This is because children are quite receptive and open to absorbing new information. Therefore, it is my belief that we should provide wholesome and engaging content to our children so that they may learn from it. This could include cartoons centered around idealistic figureheads and morally upright characters to encourage good behaviours. Children often imitate these characters, and characters of such nature shall provide our children with good role models for their future development.