PESHAWAR - Upon the directives of KP gov­ernment, the district adminis­trations of the districts have im­posed a total fine of over Rs.1.2 million on 1985 violators, while 584 units/businesses were sealed for non-compliance of the govern­ment SOPs.

According to the reports re­ceived to PMRU office of the Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa here on Thursday, actions were taken against 357 shopkeepers for non-compliance of SOPs, warnings were issued to 268 shopkeepers, 141 shopkeepers were fined Rs 47,100 and 115 shops were sealed for violating SOPs.

Similarly, actions were taken against those markets found not observing the SOPs.

According to details, a total of 9460 markets were inspect­ed across the province in which warnings were issued to 2808 markets while fine of Rs. 198500 was imposed on 384 markets. Fur­thermore, all the district admin­istrations took action against 352 Addas in which warnings were is­sued to 135 addas and a fine of Rs. 54500 was imposed on 12 addas and 2 addas were sealed.

Similarly, transport vehicles were also inspected and 482 vehicles were inspected out of which 122 ve­hicles were issued warnings while 419 vehicles were fined Rs. 186500 and 13 vehicles were banned.

The action was taken against 8872 persons who were roaming outside their homes without any necessary work in which 2472 per­sons were issued warnings while 598 persons were fined Rs. 471400 and 337 persons were arrested.

Similarly, actions were also tak­en against petrol pumps across the province. According to the re­ports, inspections were carried out against 3653 petrol pumps in which 890 pumps were issued warnings while 431 petrol pump owners were fined Rs 260700 and 117 petrol pumps were sealed.

Meanwhile, a total of 23176 in­spections were carried out today out of which 6635 persons / businesses were issued warnings and fines of Rs.1218700 was imposed on 1985 persons and 584 units / businesses were sealed across the province.

In Mardan, the district adminis­tration of Mardan also checked 373 shops and arrested 9 persons in a crackdown on the violators of SOPs.

On the directives of Deputy Commissioner Abid Wazir, the of­ficials inspected filling stations and shops at Bank road, Sham­shi road, Shahidano bazzar, New adda, Charsadda chowk, Par Hoti, Mayar, Dwasaro road and other bazaars and market. The officers of the district administration have collectively checked 373 shops.

They sealed 13 shops and also imposed fines of Rs 66,000 on dif­ferent shopkeepers. The officials also inspected several filling sta­tions flying coach, bus terminal.