BAJAUR AGENCY - After signing a 28-point agreement with three leading tribes on Wednesday, the administration of Bajaur Agency Wednesday made free around one dozen arrested persons. All these persons were arrested on the charges of links with leaders and stalwarts of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan during the last couple of years. The formal signing of 28-point agreement was made during a traditional jirga at Khar, headquarter of Bajaur Agency that was attended by 700 elders, representing three major tribes; Salarzai, Utmankhel and Khar. Speaking on the occasion, the tribal elders expressed satisfaction over the signing of the peace agreement, which, according to them, could yield positive outcomes. They said that they were desirous of return of peace and stability. They assured the administration of extending cooperation in the efforts aimed at bringing an end to violence, bloodshed and destruction in the region. AFP adds: Three more tribes in a tribal region on the Afghan border Wednesday signed a peace deal with the authorities, pledging to lay down arms and disband militant groups, officials said. The new signings mean that 80 per cent of Bajaur's population of 900,000 have agreed to return to normal life in the region, where the military has sought to flush out the Taliban, said local government official Shafirullah Khan. The Salarzai, Atmankhel and Khar tribes endorsed a deal concluded by the dominant Maoun tribe in semi-autonomous Bajaur on Monday, around six months after the military launched the huge offensive. "The tribesmen have agreed to disband all militant organisations and their leaders will surrender to the authorities," said Shafirullah Khan. "They will not shelter foreign militants and expel any such people found living in their areas, he added. "Security forces will remain in their posts and local tribes will not oppose the setting up of new checkpoints," he said. Elders from two remaining tribes were also expected to sign up to the peace deal soon, said the local official.