JADE Goody left hospital Wednesday after begging doctors to die at home surrounded by her family. The terminally ill reality television star will spend her final weeks with her beloved sons Bobby, five, and four-year-old Freddie, and husband Jack Tweed at her Essex home, with the help of 24-hour nursing care. The 27-year-old was seen wrapped in a red blanket, as she was wheeled on a trolley into an ambulance outside the Royal Marsden Hospital in west London. Husband Jack walked alongside, gently holding her hand, and ensuring she was comfortable after she was hoisted aboard the waiting ambulance. Her publicist Max Clifford: "She's just left, I mean literally half an hour ago. "She's on her way home and she's in an ambulance with a nurse from the Marsden and Jack went in to see her and basically they're on their way back to their home in Essex which is obviously something that she was desperately keen to do." Clifford added: "The whole point is that she wants to spend as much time as she can with Jack and the boys and obviously with the help from the Marsden and if they can train up the local Macmillan nurses they will keep her pain free by topping up the epidural. "It's where she wants to be and where she wants to spend whatever time she's got left and I would hope that they manage to keep her pain free so she doesn't have to go into hospital again. "Jack's with her, her mum's coming over, they'll be close friends around her because she's got a lot of very good and very close friends," he said on ITV's This Morning. Her final journey home was granted after doctors were satisfied that her pain was able to be controlled. The dying reality star is said to be 'thrilled' at the prospect of going home to her boys. On Tuesday it was revealed she is losing her sight as the cancer continues to devastate her body and can now only see out of one eye. Jade hates her children seeing her lying in her sickbed in the Royal Marsden Hospital and is desperate to go home to Essex. Clifford said: "She wants to spend as much time as possible with the boys and Jack," he said. "At the moment, that's very difficult. Jack has been there and her mother has been there. Jade is doing as well as can be expected." - Daily Mail