KARACHI - Senior lawyers leaders have vowed to continue their struggle till the logic end despite all hurdles and impediments created by the government. Talking to newsmen on Wednesday, Munir A Malik, former president Supreme Court Bar Association, said the lawyers would never kneel surrender to the government and would carry out their long march despite at all costs. He further said the lawyers' community was determined to bring rule of law in the country and would not let anybody to hamper their efforts. To a query, Malik said "We have devised a code of conduct and it is binding on all participants of the Long March to strictly follow it. We are hopeful to keep our movement peaceful. He added the implementation of Section 144 was the clear violation of basic human rights while according to the constitution. He warned the government would be responsible for any mischief of any untoward incident during the long March. "We demand the supremacy of the Parliament and I want to make clear that the purpose of our movement is not to de-stabilise the government but to remind it of its promises of restoring the judges," Malik told the media. He added the Parliament should make its decisions in people's interests. He said that lawyers will not remain silent on their arrests and will stage more sit-ins. He vowed that nothing could change the schedule of the Long March that would start from Sindh High Court today (Thursday) and begin its journey towards Mazar-e-Quaid and then to Hyderabad. "Our movement has never created any problem of law and order situation and if the government has any reservations regarding the security, it is its own responsibility to deal with it", he said. Speaking on the occasion, Rasheed A Rizvi, president Sindh High Court Bar Association, said the government would not be allowed to create any hurdle aimed at sabotaging the Long March. A resolution against the arrests of the lawyers was also passed in the meeting of Sindh High Court Bar Association. Rizvi said the participants of the Long March would reach their destination. He said that in 1993 Benazir Bhutto organised rallies against the then government but nothing bad happened to the law and order situation. He said it was everybody's right to protest therefore the lawyers would not tolerate any conspiracy hatched to deprive them of their basic constitutional right. He further said the legal fraternity could not be scared by the imposition of the Section 144 on the pretext of maintaining law and order. "According to the Article 9 and 37, it is government's responsibility to provide security to its people", he said and asked that if the security conditions were normal in the dictatorship of Musharraf, how it cannot maintained in a democratic set-up. Yasin Khan Azad, chairman executive committees of Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), appealed the people to participate in Long March today. He condemned the imposition of Section 144 in different cities of Sindh and termed it a clear violation of human and constitutional rights of the citizens. He that no disturbance would occur provided the government abstains from hatching conspiracies to stop the Long March.