LAHORE-The PPP and PML (Q) have reached an understanding to form govt in the Punjab with former conceding the office of Chief Minister to the Chaudhrys. Moonis Elahi will be the future Chief Minister according to the power-sharing arrangement agreed between the two sides. The Chaudhrys have asked the PPP leaders to give up either Chairman Senate or the Punjab Chief Ministership to PML (Q) as a pre-condition to negotiate any power-sharing arrangement with PPP. The sources close to the Chaudhrys disclosed that in the talks between the two sides the PPP leaders were reluctant to give up Senate Chairmanship, but ready to give Punjab to the PML (Q). In a surprising move on Wednesday, Ch Shujaat Hussain also announced that he no longer was the candidate for Chairman Senate. He nominated Salim Saifullah as PML (Q) candidate for the same office. The sources said that Shujaat's announcement too underlined that PPP had agreed to give the office of Punjab Chief Minister to PML (Q). Meanwhile, Ch. Shujaat Hussain, Pervaiz Elahi and Moonis Elahi spent a busy day in Islamabad sorting out the details of power-sharing between the two political parties. According to sources, Governor Punjab Salman Taseer also participated in the talks. The Chaudhrys had also met Prime Minister in a bid to finalise the power-sharing arrangement. The Prime Minister also announced that soon the Governor rule will be lifted from the Punjab during his address to the Senators. Meanwhile, President Asif Ali Zardari also returned from his visit of Iran. The Chaudhrys are expected to meet Zardari late Wednesday in order to finalise the power-sharing arrangement. The two sides, though keeping the talks under wraps are likely to announce the future cooperation between the two sides in couple of days. The deal between the PPP and PML (Q) came amid strong opposition from certain quarters in the PML (Q). Some party senior leaders and elders favour more the merger between the PML (Q) and PML (N). Some leaders even claimed that PML (Q) had been engaged in talks with both PPP and PML (Q), thereby downplaying the reports that their party was close to sealing a deal with the PPP. The PML (Q) sources claimed that with PML (Q) forming the next govt in the Punjab with the PPP underpinning would minimise the resistance from within the party. It is also being hoped that the forward bloc with the prospect of PML (Q) forming the govt will return to the party fold en bloc with the exception of few dissidents. It is being reported that Moonis Elahi will be the Chief Minister of Punjab in interim period in which Ch. Pervaiz Elahi will contest election from Punjab.